Absentee Owner Services On Hilton Head Island

We’re here, even when you’re not. 

All homes need to be properly maintained and monitored, even when their owners are away for long stretches. After all, things can go wrong. Storm systems blow through, pipes burst, burglaries occur. If you’re not around to witness those events, or their effects, the damage could go unnoticed for hours, days, or even months. In that time, possessions – your very home – could be ruined. Water damage is one of the most expensive repairs to make to a home. 

Dependable absentee owner services watch your house when you can’t be there yourself. Whether you’re away for weeks, months, or years, we’ll be the guardians of your investment. Weekly checks ensure that your home is properly maintained and its systems are functional. 

With our absentee owner services, you’ll enjoy the full confidence that when you return from your absence, your home will be in turn-key condition: no surprises, no unexpected problems. Just walk in, unpack, and start enjoying life.

Did you know that water leaks cost homeowners over $90 million dollars a year in damage and 1 in 50 homes will suffer water damage this year? Check out this article from The Insurance Journal here. Protecting your second home or vacation property from water leaks is something we take very serious.

What Is An Absentee Owner Property Manager?

Absentee Property Manager is someone you hire to perform schedules checks on your unoccupied property. This is a visual check of the home looking for obvious issues that need immediate action. When monitoring we check your pluming, electrical and HVAC systems. We also motor the condition of the home, if you have landscapers or gardeners we will insure they are doing a satisfactory job.

We keep an eye out for leaks, mold, or pests that can lead to serious damage when left unattended. Should we find an issue or potential issue we will immediately notify you. Form there you can instruct us in how best to handle the situation. By creating a presence in your home we add another level of security to your vacant home. We give you peace of mind during your absence.

You know you need a Home Watch Service, but how do you pick the right one? Here is everything you need to know about picking the perfect home watch company.

Why You NEED An Absentee Owner Property Manager

Your home’s exterior needs maintenance throughout the year. Falling leaves must be gathered and disposed, overgrown grass must be trimmed and clippings eliminated, weeds must be pulled. Those shrubs and flowers you planted last year – they’ve got to be maintained too.

Your landscaper watches over the yard, but who watches over the landscaper? Our services ensure that your landscaper is living up to expectations and maintaining your home’s beautiful landscaping. We also serve as a point of contact for contractors who come to perform maintenance and repairs. From gutter cleaners to house painters, we take your place when the contractors come, to answer their questions and ensure the work is done right. 

Your home’s interior needs the same care. Homes were not designed to sit empty. Without someone to flush your toilets, run the water, check the thermostat and monitor the ceiling and walls for leaks, your home could be in poor condition when you return. That’s why we’re here. We do the same things you would do if you were around, and we’ll do it until you return. It’s the next best thing to being here in person.

If you’ve people to remodel, repair or make changes to your home’s interior, we’ll serve as their point of contact as well. Over time, you’ll find we come to know your home as well as you know it! We’ll provide your home the same level of care you would provide if you were here yourself. 

What Does An Absentee Owner Property Manager Do?

Even when you’re away from your home, life at your house has ups and downs. Bad weather comes and goes. Strong winds knock down branches. Heavy rains batter your roof. Inside and outside your home, problems can occur. Some of those events cause leaks, structural damage, broken windows. 

We monitor your home – all of the rooms – to watch for damage and wear and tear. Whether there’s a roof leak, a broken pipe or a leaking water heater, we can help you solve these problems. We’ll assess the damage and recommend the local contractor or contractors that can repair your home when something goes wrong.

  • House walkthroughs once a week
  • Supervise gutter cleaning and exterior remodeling
  • Serve as point of contact for cleaning crew, indoors and outdoors
  • Monitor interior for pipe leaks, gas leaks and more
  • Monitor exterior for fallen branches and debris after storm
  • Call for emergency services in the event of a break-in
  • Monitor landscaping
  • Produce package and delivery reports

Maintenance and Repair Supervision

All homes need to be maintained and repaired over time. Your home will need periodic maintenance and repair, even when you’re not there. We serve as a point of contact for all contractors and home service providers while you’re away. 

We’ll get to know your house the way you do! If something goes wrong you will be the first to know! We’ll help monitor your home for an insect infestation, mold and mildew growth, damage from weather, corrosion, electrical problems, faulty appliances and more. 

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