Do You Need Home Watch Services In Sea Pines?

The House Butler Is The Sensible Solution To Owning A Second Home Or Vacation Property in the Sea Pines Resort.

Let us be an advocate for your home. Whether you are across the state, across the country, or across the ocean, we will manage your property just like our own. Our services allow absentee homeowners to experience security and safety of knowing their Hilton Head home is being cared for when they’re away.

Peace Of Mind For Your Sea Pines Home

If your island get-away is your second or third home it stays empty for long stretches at a time. When a home isn’t monitored a small problem can become a big problem very quickly. Using the House Butler gives you peace of mind!

We Are Available And Local

We are a full service, local home watch provider. If you have a second home or vacation home in Sea Pines contact us to get the best service possible. We specialize in high end homes in Sea Pines and understand the challenges a coastal house can offer.

The Best Sea Pines Concierge

Some of the most common insurance claims are broken HVAC units that lead to water damage. In the beautiful low county you need to combat humidity. Leaking water in a house can lead to mold in 10 days, make sure no damage goes unattended.

Ensure Your Home Is Ready For You To Return

With the luxury of travel so accessible, many people are away from home for longer and longer periods of time. But it feels like you need to be in two places at once, that feels impossible, until now. If you have a second home in Sea Pines it is not only a pleasure item, it’s also an investment. Would you leave other investments sitting idle, unattended. We make sure you home is not unattended!

The House Butler monitors your home and coordinates any work that you need done. Do you have landscapers or cleaners coming once a week. We will monitor their progress and report back to you, ensuring you house is in tip top shape for when you return.

Sea Pines Home Watch

When In Doubt, Go With A Trusted Resource

Having a neighbor stop by your house might seem like a good idea a first. But, if a serious problem were to arise you need someone to take swift action on your behalf. Is your neighbor reliable? We are trained professionals who methodically check your home. We have the ability to call upon professionals immediate if the need arises.

While we are not professional home or mold inspectors we do offer something that they cannot. We are constantly performing visual checks and looking for any obvious problems. If we notice any abnormalities we immediately report to you and help in coordinating the professionals. We are your advocate while you are away, a resource for you to call upon.

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