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We strive to deliver an unparalleled experience when owning a second home or vacation property here on Hilton Head. You can trust that the fact that we are caring for your property like it’s our very own home.  Below are just some of our client testimonials.

Ike does an excellent job of keeping an eye on our villa while we are gone. Ike reports to us after his visit to our villa each week and is extremely conscientious and reliable. It makes us feel at ease and very comfortable knowing if there was a problem Ike would make sure to handle it in a professional, intelligent and expedited manner. What is “Peace of Mind” really worth? We are confident that we have that with Ike. We are very pleased with Ike’s dedication and constant attention to our needs. We would recommend him to anyone looking for the best in home watch services.

Paula and Jeff

Ike has made owning a second home a true pleasure! He communicates to us often and looks after our place like it is his own. Having a hectic life in NY City, we truly could not be enjoying HH as much as we do without Ike’s help.

RA & MA – New York

Ike (The House Butler) was referred to us by our realtor. We live in Boston and have never before owned a second home. From day one Ike helped us find a new hot water heater and oversaw its installation. We couldn’t have done it without Ike. On another occasion, we had a skylight leak on the last day of our visit. Ike came out, helped move wet furniture and arranged to get a reputable roofer to assess the roof and give an estimate for repair. Owning a second home is a bad idea without Ike (The House Butler)!

JK & LY Keen

We have used Ike Callaway, (the House Butler) almost a year and are very pleased with his services. It is reassuring to get weekly reports about our Hilton Head property when we are absent and we relied on his emails reporting the condition of our villa after Hurricane Matthew. Great guy to work with!

G&M DeVictor

We have used the services of Ike Callaway (The House Butler) for some time now. We leave our residence on Hilton Head for the summer as well as for vacations during the year. Ike provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our property will be well looked after and any problems, should they occur, will be addressed. The most recent example occurred when we evacuated during Hurricane Matthew.  Our power was off for 5 days and fortunately he emptied the refrigerator contents and ice maker or we would have had a flood and spoiled food awaiting our return. This is an example of the initiative he demonstrates in caring for a property.

We recommend Ike (The House Butler) most highly!

Robert M. Chell

Ike did an excellent job of keeping an eye on our house while we were gone.  We hired Ike to visit our house each week and he was extremely conscientious and reliable.  It made us feel at ease and very comfortable knowing if there was a problem Ike would make sure to handle it in a professional, intelligent and expedited manner.  We even asked Ike to Fed Ex us a dinner jacket that was in the closet that we needed.  We don’t know what we would have done without him.  We will recommend him to our friends and family.  Thanks so much, Ike!

– S & JQ

After years of renting our Villa, using several different Property Management Rental agencies and having to pay an extra fee to reimburse them for everything from replacing light bulbs to a clothes drier, we decided to limit our Villas use to our own family vacations. We looked for someone to manage and truly care for our investment in our absence. We were fortunate to meet and engage Ike Callaway as “The House Butler”, to keep an eye on the place between our own visits.

As Downtown Abbey devotees, we learned the value of “British Butlery”, but what about a “House Butler” on HHI at the turn of the 21st Century? Not only has Ike reduced our utility cost (HVAC & hot water) between visitations, he discovered a leak in the refrigerator ice maker we had overlooked. He has provided us with honest, reliable vendors for our WiFi  issues, a less expensive cleaning service, plus a plumber and a contractor to remodel our kitchen. On a late Saturday evening, Ike saved the day by providing a relative just arriving with the proper key for entry.

What about return on investment? What is “Peace of Mind” really worth? Ike has saved us real money and recurrently makes us feel good about our wisdom in employing him for our villa. We continue to be pleasantly surprised by Ike’s dedication and constant attention to our needs.

Downtown Abbey may be ending next season, but we plan to keep Ike (The House Butler) on. Doesn’t make sense to lose a win-win relationship.

– Joe Ryan
New Jersey

I have been active in real estate for the past 35 years. My background included brokerage, development and management of numerous types of properties.

Real estate retains and appreciates through proper supervision and appropriate care when needed. I say these things because I have known Ike Callaway for the past 7 years and have always been impressed with his attention to detail and his willingness to follow through on his commitments.

If you decide to use Ike, the House Butler on Hilton Head Island, SC, to look after your property you have made an excellent decision. I speak highly of his abilities and character. You may contact me for more information by phone listed below if you wish.

– David C. Egelhoff

Ike has worked with me on several projects over the past years. My work keeps me out of Hilton Head at times, so I called on Ike, The House Butler, for his advice and help.

Ike evaluated the condition of my home and he found several major problems including mold and mildew behind hanging pictures, rotted areas of siding, poor caulking and drainage which were creating the issues in the walls of the house.

He recommended the proper contractors to replace the damaged siding, caulk and paint the entire house. He supervised their work insuring the problems were solved.

Later that same year, Ike again recommended tile, carpet, finish carpenters and painting vendors to refurbish my home. All this was accomplished while I was away on business, leaving me knowing when I returned, the work would be completed to my satisfaction.

I continue to call Ike when issues arise, he is always responsive and ready to assists with whatever my needs may be. He has become a trusted friend and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a trustworthy and reliable individual to manage the care and maintenance of their home.

– Peter Caramello

I have known Ike for many years and know him to be a trustworthy, sincere, and loyal individual.

I have been consistently impressed with the level and quality of care Ike has provided to the properties he has owned and/or cared for.

Ike has also lent his skills to me in my real estate profession by taking the time to walk through properties and point out maintenance issues.

Ike has a keen eye and takes immense pride in the meticulous condition of “his” properties. I would not hesitate to hire Ike to look after my personal residence.

– Carol Cramer

I’ve been involved with Ike on two complete design and rebuild renovation projects over the last 27 yrs in Lexington, Kentucky. On both occasions I was extremely impressed by Ike’s knowledge of building practices. Both times he came to Broadview Buildings with his own detailed architectural drawing, he produced from scratch. From planning to completion, Ike was aware of the entire process, making sure every detail was taken care of.

After Ike left Lexington for Hilton Head, I kept up with him and visited several times. The two projects I saw he completed there are beyond compare. From his drawings, selection of building materials, landscaping and attention to detail, you will not find any home of better quality on the Island.

I also knew Ike as a practicing Veterinarian in the horse business while he lived in Lexington. He was known for his insight, a man of his word, being trustworthy and loyal to his clients.

If you are looking for someone you can trust to watch over, maintain and protect your property on Hilton Head Island, Ike will not let you down. He always goes that extra mile to make sure the task and responsibilities he assumes are preformed the correct way.

President Broadview Buildings

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